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CASA Design offers an affordable design service. We give clear advice on our fixed fee structure at the initial consultation prior to being appointed, offering free advice on the feasibility and design of projects. We aim to highlight any major planning or technical issues which are apparent, along with making clients aware of the many pitfalls and unknowns within the building industry. Once commissioned, we take great care to guide our clients through the design and building process.

CASA design always strive to emphasise the need and benefits of good design. We firmly believe that good design is paramount and specialize in the field of Design on small projects. Good design costs no more than ordinary design in terms of bricks and mortar and can add considerable value to any property, whilst enhancing your own lifestyle.

Architecture by CASA

We are aware that many people have never built before and may only extend once in their lifetimes. As such, we are very careful to steer our clients through the design and build process, always being aware that we are responsible for spending our client’s hard earned money.

We can offer Site Inspections, Contract Administration, Energy Performance Certificates, Architects Certificates or Mortgage Lenders Certificates for one-off houses, in addition to the basic Design Service and Local Authority Approvals for Planning Permission and Building Warrant Consent.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, call us on 01292 441 871